Perfectly orchestrated, Françoise Vigot's installations, videos or paintings are in the service of subversion and limits exploration. A well thought and parsimonious art where paradoxes and oppositions meet...

Piece of Curiosity... her present work, is a set of watercolours where fruits and nuts float in the middle of wide while sheets of paper. The precision of details, countless, condensed, removes their ordinary nature and urges to look at what is not be seen.

This specific approach links together the minuscule and the immeasurable, reality and imagination. It is not so much familiar objets that are represented, as a visual experience and its own limits.

Françoise Vigot
Private's collections in Belgium, Netherlands, France

Press release
Entre deux  |  Galerie XXL Art on Waterloo 503, Brussels  |  2014
Prix Découverte Pré-sélection  |  Centre d'Art de Rouge-Cloître, Brussels  |  2013
Robert Van Brussel  |  Pièces de noix  |  Galerie Vincent Colet, Brussels  |  2011
Pierre Loze  |  Portraits Réfléchis  |  Association du Patrimoine artistique, Brussels  |  2008
Emmanuel Lambion  |  Clic  |  Centre Culturel de la communauté Francaise Wallonie-Bruxelles Le Botanique  |  2003

Free texts
Serge Meurant  |  Sans-titre  |  Brussels  |  2014
Pierre Loze  |  Re-Connaitre  |  Brussels  |  2013
Françoise Vigot  |  Mes installations et sculptures  |  Caen  |  1997

Yves de Vresse  |  The essence of painting  |  Brussels deze week, 31/11/2008

artist's book  |  Clic  |  Trésors edition, Brussels  |  2003


Thanks :
S. Carneroli
D. Gilleman
J.M. Henri
P. Loze
S. Meurant
S. Rovenne
L. Schrobitgen